Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Differentiating learning for your child

 Dear Parents,

As we work through what  hybrid learning looks like, 

we realize that not all work is differentiated for your

 student’s ability.  Here are some ways you can address this at home. 

Struggling learners

Advanced learners

*break up learning sessions into smaller time periods

*have students read the read aloud selection/poems to you

*give your student extra practice on needed skills such as letter ID and sight words or math concepts

*give your child more opportunities for deeper discussions of stories (sequencing, character motivation, and cause and effect)

*reread familiar text multiple times

*students can use the sight words to make up sentences, or they can put sight words in alphabetical order

*use math tools such as counters, pictures, and number lines to help with math concepts

*encourage your student to explain and defend their mathematical reasoning, or as the adult come up with similar math work and have your student critique your reasoning

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