Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Last Wednesday in First Grade! - June 3, 2020

Dear Almost Second Graders,

     Good morning. Happy Wednesday! You are only going to be first graders for 3 more days. So enjoy these last few days in first grade. On Friday, just like magic, you will transform into a second grader!
     Today you are going to be writing your summer vacation 'bucket list'. That's a list of things you really want to do this summer. I can't wait to see what you include on your list.
     Today is Wednesday, so find a good buddy to share a great story with - a brother or sister, Mom, Dad, a grandparent, or maybe even a furry friend. Have fun reading today!

     Miss Gray

Wednesday- June 3, 2020

Summer vacation

And Then Comes Summer

Write a summer vacation bucket list.  You could even try to draw a big bucket and write your list in it.

Wacky Wednesday- Unscramble these sentences

1. beach crab is A on the

2. is fast The swimming dolphin

3. the beach I to  at  sandcastles like build

4. you when go to the Wear sunscreen beach

5. I to My and have swimming sister races like


Can you write 2 or 3 of your own word problems about the ocean and have someone solve them?

Here is an example.

Jane found 18 shells.
She gave her sister 6 shells.
How many does she have left?
18-6= 12 shells

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