Sunday, May 31, 2020

Your Last Week of First Grade! - June 1, 2020

Dear Almost Second Graders,

     Good morning. Happy Monday! You are starting your last week in first grade! Congratulations! You have worked very hard this year. I am so proud of all you have accomplished.
     This week has a beach/ocean theme. Hopefully you'll get right in the mood for summer vacation!
     Today is Monday, so please remember to visit Mr. Reed's blog one last time this year to see what he has in store for you.

    Have fun learning on your last Monday in first grade!

    Miss Gray

P.S. - If you weren't able to check out Mrs. Stone's blog on Friday, please take the time to do that today. She really wanted everyone's help with a project. I don't know what the project is, but she sent me a message asking for all of her students' help. So if you can find the time to do that, I know she would really appreciate it. Thank you!

Monday- June 1, 2020

Beach/Ocean Day

‘The Ocean Alphabet Book’

‘Commotion in the Ocean’


The best part about going to the beach is….

Play Beach Volleyball

1 Get a ball or a balloon
2 Get a partner or two to play
3 Start passing the ball back and forth over an imaginary net or use a chair or other
object as the net.
4 How many times can you pass/tap the ball back and forth
5 The goal is 120…..did you do it?
*Can you count to 100 by 2’s as you tap the ball?
*Can you count by 5’s?

Fun Time
Play ‘Dolphin Diving’

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