Sunday, December 1, 2019


    Important Dates

*December 6th report cards go home

*Book Day -
                Dec 16th and snow date Dec 18th

*December 19th K-4 Holiday Concert @1:00

*December 20th Noon Dismissal

Wishing everyone a joyous
and wonderful Holiday Season


We are still very busy reading and working on
reading skills daily.  We are working on building
fluency and gaining comprehension as we read. 
It is very important for children to read each
evening. As your child reads to or with you have
them retell what they have read, or answer
questions you may prompt them with during/after
reading.  We are working a lot with story elements
(characters, setting, problem and solution). You
can also practice grammar using simple sentences.
We have been talking about nouns (person place
or thing) and verbs (the action word a thing you
can do).  We also are finding the naming part of a
sentence( the who or what).

We are busily writing and working in our nonfiction
unit.  We are writers who teach with our words and
pictures. We are really working on handwriting and
the correct formation of letters.  Using the lines and
spaces correctly to form neat and appropriate

Adding and subtracting and story problems ...Oh
My!  Students are working on strategies for solving
addition and subtraction problems.  We are working
on writing number equations. In topic 6 we will be
representing and interpreting data.  We will talk
about surveys, tally marks, and picture graphs. To
interpret the data the students will compare data
and they will solve word problems to find the
“unknown” data.

      Holiday Celebrations Around the World
Each and every student has different holiday
traditions and ways to celebrate the season. 
We are planning a journey to see how children from
Russia, England,Italy, Scandinavia. Australia, and
Wales celebrate.  

It is getting colder outside and winter
weather is approaching.  Please send
your child to school with the
appropriate winter attire.  Also please
talk to them about “keeping track” of
their hats, mittens, etc.  We do our
best to help with this process. Please
encourage them to keep a pair of
shoes here at school, or remind them
to send a pair daily. 
Thank you:)