Tuesday, November 5, 2019

November Newsletter
It is very hard to believe that we are entering the month of November already. 
Our first grade friends have been super busy learning. Just a reminder
(if you have not signed up already) we have parent teacher conferences coming
up.  The link to sign up is https://www.ptcfast.com/schools/Center_Drive_School

As we enter the new month we will also be starting our theme 3 reading unit.  In
this unit our reading strategies are phonics and decoding words, evaluating as
we read, predicting/inferring, and questioning.  For comprehension we focus on
main idea and details. This leads into summarizing what we have read. We
work on reading fluency daily, and have seen much improvement. For grammar
we are focusing on what is a sentence, and the naming part of the sentence or
the who, and the action part of the sentence.  We begin Spelling words and tests
in this unit. Be on the lookout for a spelling list to come home. The first graders
will also bring home a Spelling Contract each week. They will be responsible for
choosing 5 different activities to help them practice the words on their spelling
list. The children are very excited to start having spelling tests…….just like the
big kids!

We are beginning Topic 4 in Math…..Subtraction facts to 20.  In this topic the
students are introduced to several key strategies for solving subtraction facts. 
These strategies include counting to subtract, making 10 to subtract, and using
addition to subtract. Please continue to practice those basic addition and
subtraction facts:)
Ask your child what a small moment story means to them. The finishing touches
(editing and revisions) are being made to their favorite small moment story as
these blossoming writers are becoming published authors.  Information writing is
coming up next. The students will be writing to teach about topics that they are
“experts” about. 

In Science we will explore sound.  The key learning is that sound is caused by
vibrations.   For Social Studies we will discuss and read about the pilgrims and
how life was then.  We will also compare it to life now.  

**As the weather begins to cool down please dress appropriately for recess.**


Book Fair October  October 28th to November 8th
Parent Teacher Conferences  November 7th Noon Dismissal
Parent Teacher Conferences November 8th  No School
Veteran’s Day November 11th No School

Thanksgiving Break November 27th to 29th

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

October 23, 2019

Today was Unity Day, a day for people across the country to unite against bullies. I read the story ‘Bullies Never Win’ to the class and we had a great discussion about what bullies do and how we can stop the bullying from continuing. Some of the suggestions were to ignore the bullying and walk away, stand up to the bully, get help from an adult or stick together with other friends. We talked about which adults would be good to talk to about bullying, like Mrs. Ludden, our guidance counselor, Mrs. Marvin, our principal, a teacher, or a parent. I have a feeling that this group of first graders is not going to allow anyone to bully them!

Thursday, October 17, 2019

October 15, 2019

Zoey Barrett and Zachary Fournier rode to school in style today! They both got to ride to school on one of Orrington’s fire trucks! Zoey got her name pulled out in our classroom to earn the ride to school, and she chose Zachary to ride with her. They both said the ride was amazing. Thank you to the Orrington fire department for making Zoey’s and Zachary’s day!