Wednesday, October 24, 2018

October 24, 2018

First Grade News

Important Dates:
     October 27th - Trunk or Treat at CDS
     Book Fair - October 29- November 9th
     November 8th - early dismissal - 12:00 p.m.
     November 8th (12:00-8:00 p.m.) and 9th (8:00 a.m.-12:00  
              p.m.)  Parent Teacher conferences
     November 12th - Veteran's Day observance
     November 21st-23rd - Thanksgiving break

The month of October has been a busy month! We had Fire Prevention Week. The firefighters came in a talked to us about fire safety and fire prevention. We made our own firefighters and wrote thank you notes to the firefighters, too. 
We also read a lot of scarecrow stories in our classroom and discussed them. Then we made our own scarecrows to hang on our bulletin board. They look so great hanging there! We even wrote about what we would do if we were scarecrows. 

In reading we will finish up week 2 of theme 2. We have been working on several new word wall words - you, me, do, in, what. We have also been working on the comprehension strategies of noting details in the stories we've been reading and learning to recognize if a story is a realistic story or a fantasy story. 

In EnVision math we have been focusing on adding up to 20. We have worked on several different strategies, like using a number line, using an open number line, and using 10 frames, using our doubles facts, and using near doubles facts. We will finish this topic at the beginning of next week and then we will start topic 4, which focuses on subtraction to 20, using different strategies such as counting on or counting back on a number line, making a 10 to subtract, and thinking about addition to subtract. 

In writing workshop we are just getting our first books ready for publishing. We will be having our first book celebration tomorrow. We will have our first writing assessment on Friday, writing our own small moment, doing our best writing. Next week our class will start working on writing and publishing our very own book! I ordered the kit from Scholastic, and I'm looking forward to doing this writing project with my students. We will choose a topic for our book at the beginning of next week, then we will begin the writing and illustrating of our book. We will send it away to be published just before Parent Teacher conferences. Parents who would like to purchase a copy of the book will have the opportunity to do so. I'll send that information home with the children soon. I can't wait to see what they want to write about!

In science we just started our next unit about sound. We have only done one lesson so far, but in the next few weeks the students will discover through different projects just how sound is made.

Please remind your child to dress appropriately when coming to school. They need to be wearing their warmer jackets now, as the weather has begun to turn very fallish, sometimes almost wintery. 
If they have hats and even mittens or gloves, they will probably come in very handy at recess time. Thank you!